Luna's Garden started out of a love of gardening and a desire to preserve and share the fruits of our labor, quite literally.  The name was inspired by our beautiful dog Luna, a not quite two year old yellow lab who has the run of the garden. No, Luna doesn't get to help make the jams, but sometimes we let her have a little taste.

Our flavors are inspired by traditional, classic flavors made mostly from fruits and herbs grown in our garden, supplemented by beautiful produce grown here in the Pacific Northwest and the surrounding region.  Our philosophy is that fruit is a wonderful thing in and of itself.  We don't like to add ingredients that detract from the naturally sweet flavors of the fruits themselves.  Our jams and jellies use the lowest amount of added sugar possible to preserve the fruit and the natural fruit flavor.

We also like to experiment with flavor combinations.  We love them all, but blueberry/lemon, blueberry/peach, apricot/pineapple, strawberry/rhubarb are some of our favorites.  Some of the things we're working on for future jams and jellies include the use of fresh herbs and non-traditional fruits and vegetables (such as tomatoes, peppers and zucchini).  They really are delicious as marinades or in sauces - in fact they're pretty good on toast too.  Fresh salsa is also something to look for in the upcoming end of summer season.

All of our recipes have been formally tested and are made personally by us in a commercial kitchen.  We make our jams seasonally following the harvest for each fruit type.  Currently, we only provide jams in jar sizes shown, but are exploring additional size options for future seasons.  We are open to requests for special flavors and sizes.   Send us an email with your special requests -

We hope you enjoy our jams and jellies and look forward to helping you make breakfast for your family.

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